Colorado Wedding Planners: Choose to be Stress Free for your Wedding

Wedding Planners Colorado has the best selection of Wedding Planners all across Colorado. From Denver Wedding Planners, to Northern and Southern Colorado wedding planners and even Mountain West wedding planners, we have them all listed and sorted just for your ease. Wherever you may live in Colorado, we have approved each one just for you!

If you think you may need more help planning your Colorado wedding, we have many affordable wedding planners to help you think of the things you may forget! Get a professionals help and stop stressing yourself out. This day will soon come, and you can choose to be happy and stress free or you can choose to be one big bridezilla, the choice is yours! Check out our list of Colorado wedding planners, if you still want your bridesmaids to like you after your wedding!



Rehearsal Dinner Run Down by Wedding Planners Colorado

The rehearsal dinner is the most asked about occasion for all brides just because not much emphasis is put on what exactly the purpose of one is. Ultimately, a rehearsal dinner is  a time when family and friends andother very special people in your lives, come together and help celebrate your upcoming new life as a married couple. This is usually held at a comfortable setting where people can join in on conversations. Rehearsal dinners include all memebers of the wedding party, and their spouses or dates. If this is an adult location, young children are not mandatory to be invited but parents of the children should be invited.

Your Colorado rehearsal dinner does not have to be formal. You can make it whatever fits your personalities. Most importantly, rehearsal dinners gives you as a couple, a chance to introduce everyone, say your thank you’s, and give your gifts to the wedding party.


Wedding Planners Colorado’s: Blue Jeans or Black Tie Wedding?

One of the things you will have to determine, is how formal you want your wedding to be. This will help you create a basis for your overall wedding strategies. The cost of the wedding will be determined by the level of formality you choose. We suggest that anyone who is involved in helping plan, pay and operate your wedding, to sit down together and discuss the details and the formality of the affair. There are four levels of formality which include: Ultraformal, Formal, Semiformal, and Informal.

Ultraformal weddings are the most formal wedding you can have. This kind of wedding is fit for movie stars or royalty. Usually there will be more than 500 guests invited, more than 12 bridesmaids, elaborate decorations, an abundance of flowers, formal seating, formal dinner, a reception after 6 p.m., groom and groomsmen in white ties and tails, a full bar and formal wear worn by guests.

A Formal wedding, which is the most popular wedding type, includes between 150-300 wedding guests, 3-8 bridesmaids and groomsmen, a seated dinner with hor d’oeuvres and dessert stations, a full or limited bar, several music groups, cathedral or chapel length trains on brides gown. The men usually wear tuxedos and guests wear suits and tie and cocktail dresses for the women.

A semiformal wedding consists of 100-200 guests , has at the most 4 bridesmaids, the brides gown is simple yet tasteful, men in the wedding do not have to wear tuxedos, reception has a limited bar, decorations are simple, and a disc jockey provides the music.

An Informal wedding is usually considered casual and conducted in a home setting, outdoors or in a courthouse. Informal weddings have less than 50 guests, one honorary attendant, simple food, a small cake and champagne for the toast, simple decor, both bride and groom wear simple attire.


Monogrammed Banners For Your Wedding Day by Wedding Planners Colorado

Want to declare your love to the world? A growing trend that many wedding planners in Colorado are seeing, is couple’s incorporating their wedding pattern or monogram on bright fabric banners, and aisle runners. You can find these hanging from trees, tents and entrances to dance floors and photo booths.

Check out some banners that we found at Exclusively Weddings:

We also found other banners at Wedding Mountain, check them out!


Why To Send Save-The-Date Cards

Although save the date cards are not required, they are tremendously helpful to out of town guests or guests with children. Save the date cards inform your would-be guests of where and when your Colorado wedding will take place. These usually funny or romantic notes should be mailed four to six month prior to your wedding.  Have fun with these, they by no means set the tone for your wedding, that’s the invitations job! Some people handmake their own save the dates to save cost and to add that sort of personal touch by incorporating their wedding color for example.

For some great ideas on Save The Date cards, visit minted., they offer up to 300 different styles at a great cost! Click on the images below to go directly to their store.



Gift Ideas For Bridemaids

The gifts that you give your bridesmaids do not have to be lavish, but should be something that will have a lasting memory.  Here are just a few ideas we think will wow your bridesmaids.
Accessories such as wraps, scarves, handbags, necklaces or earrings, silver or leather frames, photo album, spa items like aromatherapy, and undergarments are also greatly appreciated.

Monogrammed items are also a really big hit. Visit Exclusively Weddings for the best selection of wedding products at affordable prices. They offer fun bridesmaid gifts like personalized terry cloth robes, engraved compacts, fun aprons, spa bags, and many more fabulous items.




Wedding Planners Colorado Budget Advice: Where To Spend Your Money

When planning your Colorado wedding,  you will quickly learn that its all a strategic game on how you spend that hard earned dough. No matter who is paying for it, you will need to plan on what’s most important to you and your spouse, so that money is well spent in the areas need be. So let’s give you the low down on percentages. First off, expect to spend about half your budget on the reception, which includes the venue cost, food, beverages, cake and any rentals you may need.

Secondly, allot yourself around 10% to these four categories: attire, flowers, photography and music. Lastly, the last bit of your 10% should go to miscellaneous items such as your save the dates/ invitations, favors, gifts and any other items that may come up. Remember that your budget can adjust a tad bit if necessary. If you spend too much in one area, decrease the spending in another. Tip: Saving can be done by asking your network of family and friends for any resources they may have.